Hello all! I'm Cassandra Worthington: UI/UX Designer, artist, and amateur baker. 

I have been in the games industry since 2011, working on game art assets, animation, UI and UX across a number of different games. Most of my experience is in free-to-play games, but I certainly have interest in console or pay-to-play games. It is very satisfying to work on a design starting from specs and seeing it final and polished in-game. 

My favorite mobile game is definitely Monument Valley. It's beautiful and very fun to play. Others that I love are Dragonvale Worlds, Atomas, and Seabeard. Apart from mobile, I love Terraria, Portal 1&2, Saints Row 3&4, Borderlands 2, and Burnout Paradise. (Well obviously there's more, but those were the ones immediately to jump to mind)

Please send all design inquiries to: worthington.cassandra@gmail.com