In C&C Rivals, the timed free crate feature was themed around the idea of the crate being called and delivered via convoy. This presented an interesting hurdle of trying to connect a tiny truck on the landing page to something more serious and exciting. As such the design was made that on kickoff, the truck would scale up to have the crate dropped onto it before scaling back down.

The crate drop is unique to each crate type, to imply the value of the crate by how "heavy" it appears to be when being dropped on the crate.

This animation was developed initially in Adobe After Effects for the concept stage and then implemented into the proprietary engine software.

This video showcases two animation features that I developed and implemented.

Part 1: The end of battle sequence when a match is decided and the UI clears and the victory banner comes in to highlight the outcome. There was also a version for defeat made.

Part 2: The Player Level Up badge comes in as a result of crossing an experience threshold. There are multiple places that this moment can play over in the meta, so it was necessary for the UI and animations to cooperate over all cases.

The animations were first concepted in Adobe After Effects for fast iteration and then implemented into the game's proprietary engine software. Both features required collaboration with and direction for engineering and the vfx partner.

In C&C lore, there are two primary factions. In rivals, players only have access to one faction - GDI - until player level 9, which unlocks the second faction - Brotherhood of Nod.

It was imperative that this animation felt thematically appropriate to the tone of the faction as well as being exciting.

This animation was initially developed in Adobe After Effects for the ideation and iteration stage before being implemented into proprietary engine software.

Training Units is one of the most important and frequent activities that a player will do when engaging in the meta of this game. Considering that, the animation response to the behavior needed to be fast, punchy and satisfying.

This animation was implemented into a proprietary engine software and required extensive collaboration with engineering and vfx artist partners.

Zombie Gunship Survival - Events      ***PLEASE NOTE: Some animations use non-final temp art assets.

Zombie Gunship Survival - Mission End - Victory/Defeat

Zombie Gunship Survival - Campaign Map Flow. ***NOTE: Some parts not final art

Zombie Gunship Survival - PvP   **NOTE: Some art is non-final temp assets

Zombie Gunship Survival - Level Up